Patrick Williams is a prolific artist, writer, passionate and inspiring public speaker, visionary educator, and independent scholar.  Patrick is the founder of Satori Innovation: Public Speaking and Consulting and the Creative Director of Satori Institute; an Arts, Education, and Research non-profit.

Patrick has a deep rooted and passionate personal history of independent scholarship.  The subjects of his long established research and study include creativity, the Arts, Art History, education, mainstream & innovative sciences, psychology, philosophy, the healing arts, Budo, mathematics, and sacred geometry.  Patrick’s studies cover mainstream articles, journal articles, books, websites, videos, documentaries, interviews, dialogues, and conversations.   Patrick has a solid historical and contemporary comprehension of these subjects which are vital and informative to his presentations, workshops, consulting, and mentoring.

With four decades of experience, Patrick has innovated creative curriculums in schools and community centers and inspired creativity in children and adults in diverse environments.

Patrick’s  paintings and drawings have been shown in many solo exhibits and group shows throughout the United States, Japan, and China.  Patrick’s art is in private and public collections.   His work has been represented by galleries in Chicago, Seattle, Albuquerque, and Omaha. He is also the founder of Celebration Flower Paintings.

Patrick holds black belts in Karate-do and Aikido with decades of experience training and teaching budo. Patrick holds a BFA in painting from the University of Nebraska, 1981.

His upcoming book Why We Need the Arts: Innovating a Philosophy of Creativity will be published in 2019.

Patrick lives in Boulder, Colorado with his partner and artist comrade Rebecca Bronson and their two enchanting Ragdoll cats, Rosetta and Talik.

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