The Spectator

Twenty years ago I was living in Seattle, Supervising a sculpting facility for a former Karate student of mine.  I was teaching private Karate lessons, studying Aikido at Emerald City Aikido, and painting and drawing late into the nights.  A student at the dojo was also

The Woods

Something  always comes before… Before I picked up a pencil or a brush, before I began calling myself an artist,  before I really knew what the world was like,  I had my Woods.  These trees were the green security blanket cast upon the landscape of my childhood.  I grew up in “the country”.  Woods were … [Read more…]

The Liberace of Glass

Here is the scene… I am pushing my Mother-in-Law in her wheelchair, it is the first really hot day of the year, surprisingly and thankfully late July, Rebecca; my partner, collaborator, comrade artist,  is walking next to us carrying our increasingly tepid water. We are at the Denver Botanical Gardens, lumped together with